Repaint Specialist


Why Choose Casey’s

As industry experts since 1995, we’ve set the standard for quality and performance and recommend that you be sure to select a painting contractor that will educate you and prescribe and deliver the proper application the first time. In some cases an unqualified contractor can ignore building code and manufacturer’s specifications and requirements, and they may employ substandard application practices. Often times, an unqualified contractor tells you what you want to hear and not what you need to know.

Below are the top ten reasons to choose Casey’s Painting for your next project:

  1. We are a professional painting contractor
  2. We’ve had a local presence with over 24 years in business
  3. Our in-house workers work exclusively for Casey’s and not as subcontractors.
  4. Our painters have been carefully selected and trained.
  5. We are painting experts specifically for residential homeowners.
  6. We offer product and labor warranties on exterior work.
  7. We are in good standing with the BBB (we have an A+ rating!).
  8. We have a working knowledge of the latest application techniques.
  9. We are licensed and insured, and we are completely dedicated to your total satisfaction.
  10. We apply paint products from major manufacturer’s only.

At Casey’s Painting we meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure a proper application for each and every project. Before hiring a contractor, be sure to address the following issues:

  • Does he have a good reputation?
  • Does he have adequate insurance coverage?
  • Will he include pressure washing, caulking, and scraping on your project?
  • Will he include sanding, priming, and puttying of nail holes?
  • Will he perform woodwork repair and re-glazing of windows?
  • Is he professional, neat, clean, fast, and detail oriented?
  • Will he thoroughly clean up during and after your project?
  • Did he explain the workmanship & manufacturer’s warranty?
  • Will he use quality materials?
  • And lastly, is he a licensed contractor in the state of Georgia?