Repaint Specialist



Casey’s Painting is committed to the satisfaction of its customers – therefore, we offer a 5-Year Warranty on Exterior Paint Jobs and a 1-Year Warranty on Decks. You will see this warranty on the estimate you receive from your Project Manager.

We warranty paint not to chip, peel, or blister for a 5-year period from time of application. We do require that your home be pressure washed once a year by Casey’s Painting with a low pressure and chemical bleach to protect from mildew and mold. Please note, we do not warranty caulk separation or fading of dark colors of paint. The sun will attack dark colors so they tend to fade more quickly.

So for instance, if your windowsills begin to peel within the allotted warranty period, call us so we can come out to sand, spot prime, and paint the peeling areas. We also warranty any wood replacement that we perform while painting your home for the same period as the painting, Please note that the wood warranty only applies to the wood that we replace. We do not use wood filler due to the fact that all wood fillers are for temporary use only, so we will itemize each and every area that we replace and detail it for you.

Some of the references that can be given on request may testify about our loyalty and how we have stood by our warranty in the past or the present. Be sure to inquire about our response when speaking with them.

At Casey’s Painting, we are committed to making the customer experience educational, enjoyable, and positive enough to be shared with friends and family. This means that each of our customers will be treated with the respect and care that they deserve. We stake our reputation on it and ask that you give us the opportunity to serve your needs.