Repaint Specialist


Pressure Washing

At Casey’s Painting, we have professional pressure washing set-ups on vans and trucks with no need to pull machines across your lawn. We also have a professionally trained team of technicians who know how to handle each pressure washing situation or the proper chemicals that may be required for that particular project.

Be cautious when selecting a contractor to perform your pressure washing as an improperly trained technician could kill your grass and plants, cause your deck to splinter, break the sill in your windows, or even bore a hole in your stucco.

For your convenience we offer pressure washing of: homes, decks, gazebos, kids’ play sets, boat docks, any type of wood, driveways, walkways, patios, decks, swimming pool areas, and any cement area.

When utilizing our pressure washing services you’ll discover that we pay close attention to detail, and administer a light wash process. Our service technicians provide all of the necessities including the moving of plants and outdoor furniture to thus accommodating a hassle free pressure washing process.